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The IT-300 is equipped with a laser scanner. You will find an overview with all readable codes in the software manual.


Laser Demo Tool (Barcode Demo)


You will find a demo program for simple tests and presentations under START, BARCODE DEMO. The laser scanner can only read 1D barcodes or stacked 1D barcodes.

Barcode Demo Scan Barcode

In the same menu as the demo program you can find the program BARCODE READ. This scanner wedge is running invisibly in the background and puts the collected to the respectively actual cursor position. If this wedge is used a complex own development can become unnecessary.


Enhanced Laser and Imager Scanner Application


As an enhancement to the integrated Imager / Laser Scanner Wedge Application, an Enhanced Laser and Imager Scanner Application ("ELISA") is available with enhanced features such as Bulk Scanning, Aimer Mode, Barcode Filter, Counter Window etc.

ELISA Splash Screen

  ELISA.zip 16.7.2018 Enhanced Laser and Imager Scanner Application 2.26

Scanner Setting


Setting for the laser scanner can be done under START, SETTINGS, SYSTEM, SCANNER SETTING. The settings will be saved in a configuration file.

Read Barcode Driver Mode

The settings are only valid for the scanner wedge (Barcode Read) and own programs. The Laser Demo Tool (see above) does always run with the default settings.




Please check the points mentioned below:

  • Use one of the trigger keys to start the scanner.
  • The Scanner-Wedge can only be used when the symbol for the scanner is displayed in the status bar.
  • The scanner only processes codes that have been activated with the matching settings.
  • Please pay attention to the correct reading distance from the scanner to the label (4 – 40cm).
  • Damaged labels cannot be processed by the scanner. 



How can I configure the scanner for the Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)?


You can make your settings for the scanner at Start, Settings, System, "Scanner Setting". Go to the tab "Read operation", and select "Output Keyboard". Confirm your settings with OK. Once you have finished making your settings, launch the scanner wedge again at Start, "Barcode Read".

Please note, that the registry will have to be modified in order to use the pre-installed scanner wedge with RDP. This modification is not necessary for ELISA.

Remote Desktop Mobile (RDP): [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\CASIO\Laser]
Data Name Data Type Value Description
RDPOutput DWORD 0 (default) Translation of keyboard output for RDP disabled
RDPOutput DWORD 1 Translation of keyboard output for RDP enabled


  ObrRdpSettings.zip 08.06.2012 RDP Scanner Settings 1.00
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