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Based on the "Smart and Tough" product concept, Casio Europe is presenting a completely new business support tablet with unique features for professional use. In addition to being drop-proof and resistant to external influences, the robust tablet PCs promise continuous availability with intelligent energy management, cordless charging and replaceable batteries. Under the Android™ 4.0.4 platform operating system, NFC technology guarantees optimised security for sensitive data.

The new Casio V-T500 business support tablets combine the special industry design features and efficient energy management technologies of Casio's tried and tested handheld series with a diverse range of innovations developed for use in a professional environment. The new Casio tablets' security features in particular are keys to its widespread use in a professional environment. An integrated write/read module for NFC cards can be employed for secure authentication procedures and to prevent illegal access. Theft is prevented by an activatable movement sensor combined with a loud sound transmitter. The security concept is rounded off by a SAM card slot, which guarantees the reliable encryption of sensitive data.



What do I need to make the first step? 


The guides describe your very first actions with your new mobile device. Following these easy steps will help you ensure a smooth start. 

  Quick Start Guide.pdf 28.01.2015 V-T500 Quickstart Guide (Developer) 1.10
  V-T500_Print_E_130411.pdf 23.04.2013 V-T500 Userīs Guide (English) 1.00
  V-T500_Print_G_130411.pdf 23.04.2013 V-T500 Userīs Guide (German) 1.00

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