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The new IT-G500 from CASIO combines the best of two established and proven product lines with innovative features. The handheld offers comfortable operation, an excellent 4.3" touchscreen display and the highest possible levels of performance and durability.

The CASIO IT-300/800 Series of handheld terminals are known for comfort, ergonomics and excellent performance. The DT-X8/30 Series guarantee the highest resistance to external influences and offer the best results for mobile data collection in a warehouse environment. In the newly presented IT-G500 handheld, CASIO has combined advanced technology for optimal ease of use in an extremely robust unit, with specifications that exceed those of established and proven handheld terminals. "With the IT-G500, our Japanese development team has succeeded in balancing the requirements of a robust industrial terminal with those of a smart business handheld. The rich set of features, perfor-mance data, and the ergonomic exterior mean our new IT-G500 is unri-valled", explains Thomas Uppenkamp, Head of Mobile Industrial Solutions at CASIO Europe in Norderstedt, Germany. 

The handheld has been developed in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 9241-210 and reflects the principle of human-centred design. Although it may not look like a device with high resistance to external influences, it can resist water and dust (IP 67), temperature fluctuations (-20 to +50°C) and can withstand being dropped onto concrete from a height of 1.5 m. Weighing around 270 grams, the elegant device is easy to hold and can be operated like a smartphone via the large 4.3" touchscreen. With a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, the WVGA display offers approximately 25% more information and enhanced readability compared to the VGA display of the CASIO IT-800. The handheld features a backlit numeric keypad and programmable function keys, as well as a central trigger button and two side buttons for initiating the scanning process. 

The IT-G500 handheld terminal is available either with a laser scanner for barcodes or with a CMOS imager for all common 2D codes. Scanning takes place on a 25° downwards angle. This ensures that the scanning process is extremely quick and intuitive as the display can be read while scanning is in progress. Confirmation of successful scanning via a vibration function further contributes to increasing efficiency in noisy environments. In addition to the versions with optical reading modules, several variations of the IT-G500 are available with an integrated NFC/RFID module. You can read and record all common tags at high speed. Common protocols in the field of Contactless Smart Cards and Near Field Communication (NFC) are supported. A digital camera (5 MP) is integrated into the rear of the device. This features high sensitivity, auto focus and LED flash for reliable photographic documentation; even under poor lighting conditions. The current location can be easily determined and processed using the position coordinates of the integrated GPS. 

The CASIO IT-G500 handheld is extremely powerful, with a 1.5 GHz ARM® Cortex® A9 Dual Core Processor, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB ROM. The Microsoft® Windows Embedded Handheld® 6.5 operating system guarantees your investment is secure and suitable for demanding applications. For fast data communication Bluetooth® (4.0), WLAN (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n), 3G WAN (HSPA, UMTS) and USB interface are integrated into the IT-G500 along with SIM card and MicroSD slots. The built-in microphone and speaker allow you to make voice calls as well as record voice memos. 

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