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Memory (Windows Embedded Handheld)


The memory on the mobile device is divided Flash-ROM and RAM. The operating system and pre-installed applications are stored write-protected in the ROM (OS Disc). Besides that there is an area for the file system in the ROM, in which the user can save programs and files (User Disc). On IT-G500, the User Disc is separated into Root Disk (-> Windows, Program Files, My Documents, etc.) and Flash Disk (-> FlashDisk). You can install your applications to both Root Disk and Flash Disk. However, service packs and patches should always be installed to the Root Disk (default).
After the system start, parts of the operating system are kept in the RAM. The rest (Program Memory) is available to run programs. As a backup battery protects the RAM for up to 10 minutes, you can change the main battery without rebooting the device.
In order to check current memory consumption, you can go to START => SETTINGS => SYSTEM => MEMORY, where "Storage" represents the Root Disk, "FlashDisk" the Flash Disk, and "Program" the RAM.


You can allocate more program memory for your own application by exiting all other applications that are not necessary. In this connection we would like to draw your attention to the items of the today screen. You can disable those items at START, SETTINGS, TODAY. Do not forget to check the shortcuts at \Windows\StartUp that will launch applications automatically after every reset.


Memory (Windows Embedded Compact)


The same memory architecture applies also to Windows Embedded Compact. You can check the memory consumption at START => SETTINGS => CONTROL PANEL => SYSTEM => MEMORY.

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