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The mobile laser scanner terminal DT-930 is extremely robust, light and has an extraordinary power management. With standard AA batteries 200 operation hours can be achieved.Its compact and light construction means the DT-930 is durable under impact from drops of up to 1.8 metres in height onto a concrete surface. In accordance with protection classification IP54, the robust handheld terminal is also resistant to environmental effects such as dust and water splashes in its normal working life. The DT-930 works perfectly at temperatures of -20°C to 50°Celsius, so it can also be used in cold storage areas.
Equipped with a CASIO own operation system, a 32 bit RISC processor and 4 MB RAM (16 MB F-ROM), the DT-930 is ideal for efficient applications. Its standard Bluetooth® and IrDA interfaces means that communication with portable printers or host computer systems is straightforward and secure. The suitable CASIO options include I/O cradles with charging and communication function as well as serial interfaces or USB ports.


What do I need to make the first steps?


The Quickstart Guide describes your very first actions with your new mobile device, including connecting to your desktop computer, installing driver software, and configuring your Software Development Kit. Following these easy steps will help you ensure a smooth start.

  DT930QuickStart.pdf 21.06.2006 DT-930 Quickstart Guide (Developer) 1.00
  DT-930_G.pdf 20.12.2012 User´s Guide (Multilingual) 1.00

SDK, manuals, and sample applications can be downloaded after login. Your dealer will be glad to give you direct assistance.

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