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The IT-10 handles the adversities of everyday life easily. The attractive, durable plastic casing and the internal magnesium sheath protects it reliably from impacts and vibrations. The IT-10 can survive being dropped from a 1 metre height, is protected from dust and splashed water in accordance with IP54 and works perfectly at temperatures between 0°C and 40°C.
The transflective color-LCD of the IT-10 is held in a rubberised frame which absorbs impacts. It provides a needle-sharp, high-contrast image, which is easy to read in all lighting conditions. With 480 x 640 pixels, the color-LCD is extremely well suited to displaying fine image details and web-based contents. The excellent power management of the IT-10 permits the lowest possible power consumption and therefore long operating times - even with particularly display-intensive applications.

The IT-10, which is fitted with a 416 MHz Intel®PXA270 Application Processor, has 64 MB RAM and 64 MB F-ROM (user-area approx. 20 MB) memory capacity. An SD-card slot, a CF-card slot and an IrDA are already fitted to this terminal as standard. The SD slot supports "SDIO NOW!", so that not only memory cards can be used there but also, if necessary e.g. Sd-card scanners or cameras. Data stored on the terminal can also be transferred to an SD- or CF-card if necessary. In addition, a serial interface (26-pin) for the connection of external modules is also available.


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