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A weight of just 280 grams, a drop resistance out of 3 metres height and complete protection from water and dust*: These impressive statistics all relate to the new DT-X8 hand-held device. The new CASIO DT-X8 is considerably more compact than the tried-and-tested DT-X30 warehouse hand-held device and much tougher than the elegant DT-X7. With this new device, CASIO is once again making its mark with values that set the benchmark for mobile computers. The ergonomic design and intrinsic values make it the "first choice" for many tasks in the fields of warehouse logistics, service, commerce and industry. One of the design features that makes this unusually strong drop resistance possible is the use of a special type of elastomer that absorbs the shocks.


The new CASIO DT-X8 hand-held device is available either with a laser scanner for barcodes or with a CMOS imager for all common 2D codes. It has been designed specifically to support everyday warehouse operations and features a curving, S-shaped housing that is in perfect proportion and reflects the principle of human-centred design. Three non-slip scan buttons give both right-handed and left-handed users the means to adopt a variety of working positions, thereby reducing finger movement to a minimum. Scanning takes place on a downwards direction with both versions. This ensures that the scanning process is extremely quick and intuitive as it is possible to read off the display while scanning is in progress. The vibrating scan confirmation function helps make the terminal even more efficient.
The CASIO DT-X8 uses a PXA320 processor with 624-MHz and has 128 MB RAM and 256 MB FROM and a Windows® CE 6.0 operating system. The colour display with high contrast supports user-friendly data input via a touch screen. The screen can be used for softkey functionality and, for example, for capturing signatures directly on the display. The BlanView® LCD is transflective and provides a good visibility working in interior and exterior areas and it even saves power. The CASIO DT-X8 is supplied ready to use with a 2730-mAh rechargeable battery, USB cable, wrist strap and AC adapter. The high-performance lithium-ion battery can power the lightweight 280-gram device for around 18 hours. With its high protection class and an operating temperature that ranges between -20ºC and +50ºC, the device can be used outdoors all year round, in heat, cold or rain. The DT-X8 comes as standard with Bluetooth®, WLAN (IEEE802.11b/g) and a USB interface for communication purposes. The terminal has an integrated microphone and loudspeaker for Voice-over-IP services and voice recording.

* Information based on the latest test results


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