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The documentation is usually offered in English as PDF-document. In the following table the substantial manuals are listed. Besides there are further manuals to special topics, as for example data communication, picture editing or programming with Controls in the Microsoft Compact Framework.


Title Contents
User’s Guide
General operating instructions for the terminal and accessories (comes with each terminal). 
Quickstart Guide (Developer)
First assistance for programmers, who would like to create their own applications.
Software Manual Detailed description of operating system and pre-installed programs as well as of the fundamental configuration of the terminal, e.g. keyboard, scanner or WLAN.
Hardware Manual
Technical data of terminal and accessories, e.g. interface descriptions, battery running times, MTBF etc.
Bluetooth Library Manual
Laser Scanner Library Manual
System Library Manual
Explanation of the programming functions, which are offered by CASIO, including examples and program flowcharts.
CAB File Automatic Setup Tool Manual
Manual for the operation of the Setup tools, with which the automatic installation of arbitrary programs, patches and service packs can take place.
Active Menu User´s Guide Companion to the fully configurable kiosk mode.


Which manuals do I need for a start?


You can use the guides below as a starting point.

  IT300_Overview.pdf 27.11.2013 IT-300 Overview (Administrators) 1.00
  IT300QuickStart.pdf 25.03.2011 IT-300 Quickstart Guide (Developer) 1.01
  IT300_UsersGuide.pdf 30.03.2011 IT-300 User´s Guide 1.00

Device Emulator


The Device Emulator provides application developers with an environment that, without having the actual terminal available, allows them to debug basic functions and performance of an application at source level by stepping through the code.

IT-300 Device Emulator and IO Simulator

You can obtain the Device Emulator as part of the SDK for IT-300. The SDK is available from your dealer on request.


If the Device Emulator for your IT-300 cannot be launched, please check the steps mentioned in the Quickstart Guide. Also make sure that the value for "module" in the file "IT-300WM_PV.cdes" points to your actual device emulator. By default, the "IT-300WM_PV.cdes" is installed into "C:\<Program Files>\Windows Mobile 6.5.3 DTK\PocketPC\Deviceemulation\IT-300\bmpPVEN\". It might be necessary to change "Program Files" to your actual program directory, e.g. "Programme".
Example: module=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Device Emulator\1.0\DeviceEmulator.exe

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