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Which Tools, Downloads and Patches are available for the CASIO IT-3100?


SDK, manuals, and sample applications can be downloaded after login. Your dealer will be glad to give you direct assistance.



  DT9721CHGE_UsersGuide.pdf 14.12.2009 DT-9721CHGE Battery Charger 1.00
  IT3100QuickStart.pdf 10.06.2010 IT-3100 Quickstart Guide (Developer) 1.02
  IT-3100_UG100.zip 27.07.2009 IT-3100 User´s Guide 1.00
  QuickstartIT3100_GER.pdf 11.05.2009 IT-3100 Wichtige Informationen 1.01

Communication & Driver Software
LMWin (Link Manager Windows) contains both CASIO communication software and drivers for the cradles. After installing it to your PC, you will find the drivers in the installation directory that you selected.

  LMWIN_EN_ReleaseNote_723_2.pdf 24.05.2017 LMWin 7.23 Release Note 7.23
  lmwin.zip 25.04.2018 LMWin Software & Cradle Driver (32/64bit Version) 7.26


  SetupUtility.zip 02.07.2012 CAB FILE Automatic Setup Tool 2.06
  ELISA.zip 16.7.2018 Enhanced Laser and Imager Scanner Application 2.26
  CasioPKCS12ImportCE.zip 24.10.2011 PKCS #12 (.pfx, .p12) Certificate Import Utility 1.00

Sample Applications

  it3000prndemo010.zip 20.01.2004 IT-3000 Printer Demo 0.10

Patches & Service Packs
For easy installation we recommend using the CAB FILE Automatic Setup Tool. It looks for all CAB files in the same directory and installs them if necessary. If you place the utility into the path \CE\ARM\ on either a storage card or the "FlashDisk" folder, it will be launched automatically after a reset. For further details please refer to the manual that is shipped with tool.
Remarks: CAB files won't be deleted automatically, if you set the file attribute to "read only".

  IT3100serial101.zip 24.08.2009 IT-3100 14-pin Serial I/F Patch 1.01
  IT3100KEYPATCH100.ZIP 15.04.2009 IT-3100 Keyboard Patch 1.00
  IT3100_MCRPatch300.zip 06.05.2009 IT-3100 MCR Patch 3.00
  it3100Printer100.zip 10.06.2010 IT-3100 Printer Patch 1.00

The following files should/can be installed on the CASIO IT-3100M5xE/M5xE2:

Description Filename Mandatory (+)
Optional (*)
Remark No.
IT-3100 MCR Patch IT3100_MCRPatch300.zip + 1
IT-3100 Keyboard Patch IT3100KEYPATCH100.ZIP * 2
IT-3100 14-pin Serial I/F Patch IT3100serial101.zip * 3
IT-3100 Printer Patch IT3100printer100.zip +  
BDK Device Components Shipped with the BDK * 4


Remark 1: Only for devices with MCR.
Remark 2: This patch is necessary to use the function "SysSetNormalUserDefineKey" from the CASIO System Library with the enhanced character set.
Remark 3: Only required for serial communications via 14-pin port (see Technical Bulletin TB2009003 for details).
Remark 4: Device components will be required, if you are using the Basic Development Kit (BDK).



Serial Number
You can find the serial number on the back side of the device. The serial number contains model type and date of production.

IT-3100 Serial Number

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