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How can I share files? (Windows Mobile)


You can use either WLAN or Ethernet Cradle to connect IT-9000 to your network. If you want to share files between mobile device and PC through Ethernet Cradle, you can simply follow the instructions below:

  • Assign valid IP addresses and subnet masks to both PC and IT-9000, e.g. and to PC and and to IT-9000. On IT-9000, the network adapter that has to be configured is named "AX88772". You can configure network adapters on IT-9000 under START -> SETTINGS -> CONNECTIONS.
  • Share a folder on PC.
  • Put IT-9000 into the cradle while the switch is set to "LAN".
  • Wait a moment. When prompted to select a network, choose "Work" instead of "Internet".
  • Then, open the File Explorer on IT-800. Select Menu -> Go To -> Open Path -> New Path…
  • Enter the path to the shared folder by using your PC’s name instead of its IP address now.
  • You will be asked for user name and password of your PC.
  • Finally, you will be connected.

Example: In this case, IT-9000 is connected to PC, where the PC is named "WINXP" and the shared folder is called "Shared":

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