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Near Field Communication


Reading and writing of data is performed by the way of contactless communication between the integrated NFC module in the terminal and the smart card.


Please install latest NFC Patch file onto your mobile device and check the remarks in the "readme.txt" file that comes with that patch.




Carrier 13,56 MHz
Antenna Loop Antenna
Field 1,5 A/m at contact to case (compliant to ISO 10373-6)
0.15A/m at 50mm distance to case (compliant to ISO 10373-7)
Bit Rate 1.65 kbps, 106 kbps, 212 kbps, 424 kbps
Modulation ASK, 10% / 100%
Range 0mm for ISO 14443 A/B & FeliCa ®
0 - 60mm for ISO 15693 (depending on tag antenna design)
Area  30mm x 60mm (depending on card) 
Protocols * NFC IP-2 (ISO 21481):
ISO 14443 Type A (106 kbps) - MIFARE Standard & Ultralight
ISO 14443 Type B (106 kbps)
FeliCa ® / JIS X6319 (reading/writing, 212/424 kbps)
ISO 15693 (1.65 kbps)

* Remarks:

  • Depending on model there are two or three slots supporting the Secure Application Module (SAM).


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