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Hard Reset


By performing hard reset operation, RAM will be cleared and intialized. Installed applications and user data in this area will be lost! Hard reset operation does affect contents of FlashDisk folder. In order to execute hard reset operation, switch the device on. Press and hold power button, then press and hold reset button on the back side of the terminal. Release the reset button first while keeping the power button still pressed for about 2 or 3 seconds. Then, release also the power button. A warning message will be displayed. Confirm the dialog by pressing the right trigger key for 2 times. Finally, hard reset operation is executed. You can find a description of the hard reset operation also in Software Manual and User's Guide.


Automatic Setup

This is used to automatically execute Setup.exe, SetupAP1.exe to SetupAP3.exe located in the given directory of the FlashDisk (\FlashDisk\CE\SH) when the terminal is reset. Please, take care: This application cannot be delected by hard reset operation. You must either format the FlashDisk or delete the file from File Explorer. If the application causes a malfunction, it will probably run in an endless loop. Therefore we strongly recommend testing the application in advance and implementing a backdoor to leave the application.

CAB FILE Automatic Setup Tool

The tool will automatically install all CAB files stored in the same folder where the tool resides when the system is started up by performing a reset on the terminal. By default it is installed into \FlashDisk\CE\SH.
If an error occurs during execution, please perform hard reset operation and abort execution of the tool when it attempts to start again. You can do that by pressing the Enter key on the keyboard while the Cancel button is displayed. Confirm the cancellation by pressing F7 on the hardware keyboard. Finally, you can return to main menu by pressing 1 on the hardware keyboard.

FlashDisk Format


From main menu press 0 to select the hidden system settings menu. Enter 12346789 as password. Then, select the first option and follow the instructions on the screen.

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