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Which Tools, Downloads and Patches are available for the CASIO DT-X200?


SDK, manuals, and sample applications can be downloaded after login.



  manual.zip 22.11.2019 DT-X200 Manuals
  DT-X200_EN.pdf 17.10.2016 DT-X200 User´s Guide (English) 1.00
  QuickStartGuide.pdf 23.08.2017 Quick Start Guide 1.05

Communication & Driver Software
LMWin (Link Manager Windows) contains both CASIO communication software and drivers for the cradles. After installing it to your PC, you will find the drivers in the installation directory that you selected.
We would also like to draw your attention to Microsoft ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center as explained in the section "Synchronization" of the menu tree on the left.

  LMWIN_728_EN.zip 21.09.2020 LMWin Software & Cradle Driver (32/64bit Version) 7.28


  FKeyMapper.zip 16.05.2018 App to map Function Keys to F1 - F8 (Windows Embedded CE) 1.01
  ELISA.zip 16.7.2018 Enhanced Laser and Imager Scanner Application 2.26
  WlanBarcodePrint223_EN.zip 20.06.2022 WLAN Setting Barcode Print Tool 2.23

Sample Applications

  KeybdConfig.zip 20.11.2014 Keyboard Editor 1.01

Patches & Service Packs

For an overview about the updates that must be installed to a certain model please refer to the tables below. On the mobile device you can check the installed apps at START => SETTINGS => CONTROL PANEL => REMOVE PROGRAMS.

For easy installation we recommend using the "CAB FILE Automatic Setup Tool". It looks for all CAB files in the same directory and installs them if necessary. If you place the utility into the path \CE\ARM\ on either a storage card or the "FlashDisk" folder, it will be launched automatically after a reset. For further details please refer to the manual that is shipped with tool.
Remarks: CAB files won't be deleted automatically, if you set the file attribute to "read only".

  SetupUtility.zip 02.07.2012 CAB FILE Automatic Setup Tool 2.06

The following files should/can be installed on the CASIO DT-X200:

Description Filename Mandatory (+)
Optional (*)
Remark No.
DT-X200 Service Pack ServicePackDTX200CEE_118.zip +  1
DT-X200 File Sharing Setting Patch WLANFSENDTX200.100.zip *  2


  1. Includes previous Service Packs. Installation of previous Service Packs is not required. Please note that Service Pack 1.08 or later comes with new Backup Tool. You can find further details in the Software section for DT-X200.
  2. Improves access to shared folders. Please note, that it might need more time to get connected due to the rebind.


  WLANFSENDTX200.100.zip 05.08.2016 DT-X200 File Sharing Setting Patch 1.00
  ServicePackDTX200CEE_118.zip 20.06.2022 Service Pack DT-X200 1.18 1.18

OS Version


You can check the current version at START => SETTINGS => CONTROL PANEL => VERSION INFO. For support inquiries please report the Build ID of the affected device.


Current version is Build ID = 7054 for devices with "full range" imager and Build ID = 7052 for all other models.

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