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System Menu


We provide a menu system that hides the standard desktop and provides easy access to commonly used features. It is called "System Menu" and is started by factory default. You can access the menu through either hardware keyboard or touch screen.

CASIO System Menu

When you want to change to the default desktop screen, select the button [X] located at top right corner. And when you want to change this menu screen again, please press reset switch. And if you want to disable the System Menu after system start, go to "5.Options" -> "1.Delete System Menu". Once deleted, you will have to perform "User Disk Clear" operation ("full reset") to restore the device to factory default settings and have the System Menu started automatically again. After executing full reset, all data on your device will be lost!


The "Main Menu" is always launched after each full reset or user disk clear operation. If it is not needed afterwards, it can be disabled: Either delete the file "SystemMenu.xml" at \Program Files\CASIO\ActiveMenu\ENV\INI\, or execute "DeleteSystemMenu.exe" at \Program Files\CASIO\ActiveMenu\.


Barcode Setting Tool


With this tool you can configure network settings by scanning barcodes.



Backup Tool


Backup and restore user data on the terminal. This function can be started from the tool or command line. The target data is backed up to FlashDisk or SD Card (\Backup\Backup.dat):

  1. Registry (other than passwords and stylus calibration information) 
  2. Received mail 
  3. Browser cookies and temporary files 
  4. Certificates 
  5. Installation files and patch files  

Remarks: Memory area change values, passwords, and stylus calibration information cannot be backed up. For further details please refer to the Software Manual.


You can use the Backup Tool for easy deployment from one "master" terminal to multiple "client" terminals. Please note that the Backup Tool (CF_Backup.exe) and the related components were updated by Service Pack 1.08 and later.


Deployment via SD Card

Deployment via Ftp

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