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Available memory is divided into Flash-ROM and RAM. Files can be saved to Flash-ROM and will not be deleted by removing the battery. The RAM is reserved for program execution.




For generating or reading a back up file, please use the Backup Tool under START, PROGRAMS, UTILITY. In this context please pay attention to the configuration files for the scanner and WLAN that are located on the FlashDisk. Files from FlashDisk are not included into a backup file.

If you want to have the backup file restored automatically after a full reset, use the RESTORE.EXE instead of the Backup Tool. You can find it in the Windows directory. Please donot call the Backup Tool for that purpose directly. Please, do not use the RESTORE.EXE and the backup file that was created on DT-X8.

You can find further details in the Software Manual.


You cannot exchange backup file between laser scanner models and CMOS imager models. The same restriction applies to backup files of DT-X8 and DT-X200. Please, create a distinct backup file for each type of device.

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