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Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC)


Microsoft WMDC represents the synchronization software between mobile devices and the desktop system. The software download from Microsoft is free of charge.
You will need WMDC in particular for the installation of programs and for the connection to the developing environment Microsoft Visual Studio ®. 
The software also offers the possibility of accessing the file system of the mobile equipment from PC via the Windows Explorer and of accomplishing file operations such as a copying or deletion.


The connection to ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center will be started once you put the terminal into the cradle. Please pay attention to the correct setting of the operating mode switch at the back of the cradle. Under START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL you will find the utility USB Connection. Choose the required connection before you put the terminal into the cradle.


Data Name Data Type Value Description
idProduct DWORD 8195 WMDC
idProduct DWORD 13059 LMWin



Like Microsoft ActiveSync CASIO LMWin can be used to transfer data to and from the PC. Contrary to ActiveSync LMWin can be controlled via scripts and to further extent be integrated into own programs. CASIO LMWin is available free of charge.

  LMWIN_728_EN.zip 21.09.2020 LMWin Software & Cradle Driver (32/64bit Version) 7.28

Driver Software


For connection to PC over either Microsoft ActiveSync or CASIO LMWin you need driver software. The driver for LMWin comes with the CASIO LMWin communication software. For Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) you do not need additional driver software. On demand it will be downloaded through Windows Update. Please, always use latest version of WMDC.

  LMWIN_728_EN.zip 21.09.2020 LMWin Software & Cradle Driver (32/64bit Version) 7.28
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