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Where can I download product presentations?



Important information on the use of CASIO product presentations

By clicking on download link or by copying, downloading or using CASIO product presentations in any form, you (hereinafter referred to as "User") undertake to read this Agreement regarding the use of CASIO product presentations, and agree with its content. If you do not agree with this Agreement, you may not copy or use CASIO product presentations in any form.
Agreement regarding the use of CASIO product presentations.

The following Agreement on the use of CASIO product images has been concluded between CASIO Europe GmbH and the User:
  1. CASIO Europe GmbH grants the User permission to download and the non-exclusive limited use of CASIO product presentations stored at the domain:
  2. The User undertakes to use CASIO product presentations solely for media purposes.
  3. The User undertakes not to edit or alter CASIO product presentations, to only use these for the described purpose and agrees that upon request by CASIO Europe GmbH to immediately remove or delete CASIO product presentations from websites on which they have been published by the User.
  4. The User is not authorised to duplicate and/or pass CASIO product presentations onto third parties.
  5. The User shall take adequate provisions to prevent CASIO product presentations from being downloaded from its website or any other website on which the presentations have been published and undertakes to provide proof of the these provisions if requested by CASIO Europe GmbH.
  6. The exclusive rights of use for CASIO product presentations and the right to award these rights remain exclusively with CASIO Europe GmbH.
  7. The provisions of this Agreement are binding as soon as you copy, download or use the CASIO product presentations in any form.
  8. CASIO is authorised to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect at any time without specifying a reason or adhering to the notice period, especially if the User violates the provisions of the Agreement. Upon termination of the Agreement, the User must immediately delete all downloaded CASIO product presentations and provide written confirmation of doing so.

 Here you can download Powerpoint presentation.

  CASIO_DT-X100_English.zip 19.04.2016 CASIO_DT-X100_English 1.00
  CASIO_DT-X100_final French.zip 19.04.2016 CASIO_DT-X100_French 1.00
  CASIO_DT-X100_German.zip .. CASIO_DT-X100_German 1.00
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