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Which Options are available for the CASIO DT-970?


Available options:
 Model   Description   Type 
 HA-N60IO    USB cradle with I/O interface    Cradle 
 HA-N62IO  USB + LAN cradle with I/O interface  Cradle
 HA-E60IO*  USB cradle (DT-930) USE ONLY WITH HA-N64AT  Cradle
 HA-N64AT*  Attachment kit for HA-E60IO  Accessoire
 AD-S42120C-N5  AC adapter (HA-N62IO)  Powersupply 
 AD-S15050B-N5*  AC adapter (HA-E60IO)  Powersupply 
 HA-N81USBC  USB cable (DT-970 <-> PC)  Cable
 DT-380USB-A  USB cable (HA-N62IO, HA-N60IO, HA-E60IO <-> PC)  Cable
 AC-Cord  Powercable for AC apaptor  Cable

 *) These Parts are for use in existing installations to continuse with DT-970 model.

  DT-970 Options.pdf 25.09.2014 DT-970 Options 1.0
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