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Which Files are available for LMWin (FLink) and Microsoft ActiveSync?


Please choose a file from the list below

  CASIO USB Cradle Driver.zip 28.10.2009 CASIO USB Cradle Driver (32bit) for Microsoft ActiveSync 1.00
  LMDos.zip 10.06.1996 DOS LMDos 1.20
  LMWIN_728_EN.zip 21.09.2020 LMWin Software & Cradle Driver (32/64bit Version) 7.28
  qbsuite.zip 28.08.2003 QuickBeamSuite (IrDA driver for NT4.0 SP6) 3.50

The package "CASIO USB Cradle Driver" contains only the 32bit driver software for the USB cradle and Microsoft ActiveSync (Windows 2000/Windows XP), while "LMWin & Cradle Driver Software" ships additionally with the synchronization software "LMWin" and the driver software for the IrDA cradle (with USB and serial connection). For devices running Windows Embedded CE or Windows Mobile you can also use LMWin instead of ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC).


Which version of ActiveSync do I need for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or later ?


Instead of ActiveSync you need the Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) 6.1 or later. It is available for free from Microsoft. The WMDC includes driver software for the USB cradle. Please note, that WMDC supports only Windows Embedded CE 5.0/Windows Mobile 5.0 or later versions. For Windows Embedded CE 4.1 please use CASIO LMWin instead.


Connection PC Terminal
Direct USB Cable / USB Cradle Driver comes with WMDC. No additional driver required. If you want to use LMWin without WMDC, you will find the driver in the LMWin package.

Operation mode (WMDC or LMWin) must be selected on the terminal (Settings/System => USB Connection).
USB patch required for some terminals.
Please refer to TB2008001.pdf for further details.

IrDA Cradle (USB or Serial) Special IrDA driver required for both WMDC and LMWin. The driver comes only with the LMWin package. No patch required.


For communications with Windows Vista (and later) and patch files please refer to Technical Bulletin TB2008001.

  TB2008001.pdf 28.01.2008 New Software Release (Windows Vista/7 Patch File) DT-900 Series, DT-930 Series, DT-X5 Series, DT-X10 Series, DT-X7 Series, DT-X11 Series, IT-10 Series, IT-500 Series, IT-600 Series, IT-3000 Series

How can I connect devices running Windows CE 5.0 or later to the Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC)?


On the mobile device, you need to change the connections settings. On Windows Embedded CE, go to Start, Settings, Control Panel. Open "USB Connection", and on the tab "Connect Utility" switch from "ActiveSync" (default) to "Windows Mobile Device Center" (left picture). Confirm your settings with [OK] and allow a soft reset operation. On Windows Mobile you get access to the same settings at Settings, System (right picture).

Remarks: This utility is not necessarily pre-installed. Please, check the download area of your device for updates.


Are there certain settings on mobile devices to enable LMWin via USB instead of ActiveSync?


All devices running Windows Embedded CE or Windows Mobile are preset to be used with ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC), respectively. In order to use LMWin that setting must be disabled. On Windows Embedded CE you can find the settings at Start, Settings, Control Panel, PC Connection (left picture). On Windows Mobile please go to the programs folder and open ActiveSync. Tap on "Menu", and select "Connections..." (right picture).

Please also check whether USB is enabled for LMWin. On Windows Embedded CE select Start, Settings, Control Panel, USB Connection (left picture). On Windows Mobile you will have to go to Settings, System, USB Connection (right picture).

After all your device is configured to be used with LMWin. If you want to return to ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC), reset your configuration accordingly.

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